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Community, Featured, Uncategorized · February 9, 2015
by By George Heidekat
On the face of it, nine PowerPoints in a row might sound like a good Thursday evening spoiled. Nonetheless, a few weeks ago a flock of urban sophisticates headed (or stayed) downtown once again for a program of visually enhanced musings from a lineup of their professional peers.
Uncategorized · December 9, 2013
by By Jacklynn Pham
On Thursday, November 7, 2013, AIGA Pittsburgh members were invited to tour three of Pittsburgh’s premier studios in the South Side: Landesberg Design, Gatesman+Dave, and Commonwealth Press, as part of the fall [X]posed Studio Tour.
Featured, Uncategorized · November 12, 2013
by By Lindsay Quinter
On October 10, I arrived in Minneapolis along with 2,000 design professionals and students for the Head, Heart, Hand: AIGA Design Conference. Unlike most of them, I wasn't there to attend; I was going to be part of the show. I would take the stage that evening with six other young, aspiring designers to compete in the fourth season of the live design reality show, Command X.
Featured, Uncategorized · November 3, 2013
by By Kevin Fabrizi
On Tuesday, September 9, 2013, an intimate group of AIGA members enjoyed an evening of typographic experimentation at Sapling Press in celebration of AIGA Pittsburgh’s Typography Month.
Uncategorized · November 3, 2013
by aigapittsburgh
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