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Creative Briefs #027: Hani Hong

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July 23, 2013

Our hosts interview explorer, designer, & Director of Marketing for Shutterstock Hani Hong. Recorded on 06/01/2013.

Hani’s Links:
Pixels of Fury

Things We Mentioned:

  • Game of Brands: AirT
  • @Shutterstock Hipste
  • Website of Silvia Os
  • pine forest in the f
  • Infographic vector b
  • Offset by Shuttersto
  • Space themed Bar Mit
  • Pixels of Fury @ Ado
  • Six measuring cups,
  • Radishes for garnish
  • Banh it made by my m
  • My septuagenarian Mo
  • The bio-crime prophe
  • As minimalists, ever
  • Jump Around the Worl
  • E4, in 2011, working
  • natural born hustler
  • Jumping at the Pyram
  • I lived in these med
  • My mom makes 18 meat
  • 3-year old E4 eating
  • Fiercely huggable dr
  • Organic babies...
  • Strawberry marmalade
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