Submit all bound items and single-sheet items as-is, umounted, in the grouped entries envelope.

Logos must be printed in color on a letter-size sheet and submitted unmounted in the grouped entries envelope.

Items in a series (up to five pieces grouped as one entry) must be grouped mounted; each piece in the series should have a label attached indicating that it is part of the series.

For work larger than 16 x 22”, entries will be accepted, optionally mounted on black illustration board (no foam core) at the size they were produced, up to 26” x 40”. If work is larger than 26″ x 40″ it will not be accepted and returned before judging.

Three-dimensional work such as packaging must be photographed with the photo submitted unmounted in the grouped envelope. If the package is small enough to be conveniently included or flat packed, the actual package may be submitted.

Interactive media must be submitted with a single color print of 4 screens from the project on an 8.5” x 11” piece of paper. If the piece will be available online at the time of judging, only the URL needs to be submitted in addition to the print. Video pieces should be uploaded to a video service such as vimeo or youtube, with the URL for those pieces included in the online entry form. If the piece can not be made available online, it should be burned to CD clearly labeled with the submission title and firm/designer’s name in addition to the color print.

For further information, please email pgh365@pittsburgh.aiga.org

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