Jon Brentzel
Lindsay Quinter
Vice President & Director of Mentoring
Design strategist at ThoughtForm, transforming messy ideas into well-ordered, beautiful solutions. Jewelry maker, paper crafter, traveler and outdoor explorer.
Anthony Monahan
Creative Director at Brunner. Lego organizer. Triathlete. Vegan.
Anastasia Lanz
Secretary & Design for Good
Developer at Sparkbox. Ice hockey, powerlifting, bike person, pug owner.
Jason Horne
Director of PGH365
Thermo Fisher Scientific
Brigette Davitt
Education Director
Edinboro University
Nick Murphy
Director of PGH365
Graphic Designer. Vegetarian. Pizza Enthusiast. Bicycle Rider.
Andy Schwanbeck
Education Coordinator
Graphic design professor, letterpress printer, motorcycle fanatic, weird dog guy, food and beer lover with a knack for diving in headfirst.
Sydney Bennett
Dabbling in all aspects of Design at PCNA. Optimistic. Energetic. Loves running in Frick Park, petting strange dogs, and won't ever say no to frozen yogurt.
Virginia Kohar
Volunteers Coordinator
Digital Content Manager at PIA. Student at RMU, class of 2016. Web savvy individual. Love for design and development.
Laurel Strongosky
ColdSpark designer, Harry Potter fan, manatee lover, and outdoor enthusiast.
Emily Conti
Communications Explorer
Designer at O2 Digital Creative Agency. I like turtles.
Bethany Zulka
Education Explorer
One woman army at Sapling Press. Lover of movies/movie trivia, spinning, iced coffee, ice cream. Black lab owner.