Board Update April 2021

In efforts to be more transparent and better represent our community, we would like to share our board meeting notes each month. In hopes with anyone who is interested can get involved, share critiques, state concerns, and more.

Please reach out to us on social media or email at

Financial Updates
Laurel presented latest board updates including:

  • National affiliation agreement signed (three-year agreement)
  • Hand-off for financial details
  • P.O. Box reopened
  • Event insurance was renewed
  • Recruitment efforts are ongoing
    • Laurel posted Treasurer position on Nonprofit Talent

Student Conference Updates
Q presented updates on the student conference:

  • Concept designs were shared
  • Event to take place mid-to-late May
  • Would like to keep event free or low-cost for students
  • Discussion on microsite location/platform to be used

Open Mic

  • Laurel proposed reviving Designer Dialogues with Smith Brothers Agency rebrand
  • Discussed format for general Q&A on events
By aigapittsburgh
Published April 30, 2021