Creative Briefs #016: Maria Tarquinio

Our hosts interview Maria Tarquinio an Associate Creative Director at Brunner. Recorded on 02/14/2013.

  • Add the look of a stained glass window with Faux Stained Glass (FSG) by Made in the Shade...Blinds
  • The recipe I used from the Southern Plate. After years of soggy, unsuccessful attempts and many 3rd degree burns, this one was easy and worked perfectly.
  • side of the house, where all the grass dies. ,
  • Lovely! I Love Fall!!
  • Garden Entrance
  • cool!
  • Lost Type Co-op | Duke - The font we mentioned being used for one of the Ad Fed Pittsburgh logo concepts.
  • Katelynn Pfeil
  • Zippo Stories Poster by Dave Vissat
  • Maria Tarquinio - Associate Creative Director
  • Maria Tarquinio & Bill Crawford at the 2013 Addys
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Maria’s Links
Peddlin’ Pierogies

Things We Mentioned
Ann McFadden
Katelynn Pfeil
Pittsburgh Ad Fed
Playoff Beard
Southwestern Pennsylvania World War II Memorial
Wall-to-Wall Studios

By aigapittsburgh
Published March 11, 2013