Creative Briefs #024: Jenny Pearson

Our hosts interview former designer Jenny Pearson, who currently teaches English in Thailand. Recorded on 05/09/2013.

Jenny’s Links:
Notes From Thailand

Things We Talked About:

  • Dave C! We worked together on AE Life, American Eagle's in-house magazine, and lots of other projects, too!
  • Many thanks to Kate Radkoff for sending us the book, Hooray for Fish! It inspired our colorful drawings.
  • Sweet shirt Jenny P got me featuring the Tuk Tuk!
  • Genki English on one of the 800,000 tablets used in Thai public schools to teach English.
  • If you want to teach abroad check out CIEE. They offer support, insurance and training.
  • notes from thailand is a tumblelog
  • JOTMAN: Why does Coke taste better in Thailand?
  • Thai alphabet for Sanskrit
  • FraggleRock-Sprocket
  • Stop sign - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Last call to squat over a toilet in Thailand!
  • Voodoo Doughnut - The Magic is in the Hole!!!
  • Carolyn Colonna, Graphic Designer, Infinite AIGA Board Member - LinkedIn
  • Sarah Crawford, Assistant Exhibit Developer at The Field Museum - LinkedIn
  • Todd Bronson on Behance
  • Pusadee's Garden
  • Rachel Kern, Graphic Design - LinkedIn
  • Avocado
  • Fruitarianism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Dymun + Copmany
  • PMI Montage by PMI
  • first graders
  • On Teacher Day, students give flowers to thank the teachers for passing on their knowledge.
  • My littlest ones after nap time.
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By aigapittsburgh
Published June 18, 2013