Creative Briefs #026: Allan Chochinov

Our host interviews editor, product designer, & educator Allan Chochinov. Recorded on 05/31/2013.

Allan’s Links:
Products of Design Program at SVA

Stuff We Talked About:

  • Birgit's Tatting: Su
  • Camila Leon
  • Pattern
  • Pink Clover
  • snowflake pattern
  • Antique Tatting
  • purple+iris+fusion+b
  • PDF Intermediate tat
  • Tatting edgings!
  • .
  • Maple Leaf free tatt
  • Workbasket Tatting P
  • Design Ignites Chang
  • The Designers Accord
  • Tanaka Kapec Design
  • Hand-Eye Supply is b
  • Career and community
  • The New Digital Age:
  • Amazon's "Kindle Wor
  • Present Shock: When
  • Smule | Magic Piano
  • Gregg Michael Gillis
  • The MakerBot Replica
  • Creative Commons is
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By aigapittsburgh
Published July 16, 2013
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