Creative Briefs #027: Hani Hong

Our hosts interview explorer, designer, & Director of Marketing for Shutterstock Hani Hong. Recorded on 06/01/2013.

Hani’s Links:
Pixels of Fury

Things We Mentioned:

  • Game of Brands: AirTargaryen by @Shutterstock
  • @Shutterstock Hipsters of Oz: The Scarecrow
  • Website of Silvia Osella, *silviastella, one of the artists for Fierce Hugs Organic Baby Apparel.
  • Offset by Shutterstock: Immerse yourself in Offset - a new collection of exceptional images, carefully curated from top artists and storytellers around the world.
  • Space themed Bar Mitzvah invitation I designed c.2006
  • Pixels of Fury @ Adobe MAX 2013 by Shutterstock. Congratulations to Furious Pixel winner Erik Jessen, and thanks to all our contestants
  • Six measuring cups, disguised as Russian nesting dolls, 1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 2/3, 3/4 and 1 full cup. #moma #design $12 #kitchen #tools
  • Radishes for garnish at my dad's 75th birthday party
  • Banh it made by my mom complete with garnish (stuffed with meat & mushrooms)
  • My septuagenarian Mom making banh it (she's carving carrot flowers here)
  • The bio-crime prophecy: DNA hacking the biggest opportunity since cyber attacks (Wired UK) written by Marc Goodman and Andrew Hessel (the guys tucked into these biohazard suits)
  • As minimalists, everything we own is inside this 400sf apartment in the Apartment Therapy Small Cool Contest.
  • Jump Around the World : A Collection
  • E4, in 2011, working the juicer that we used almost 30 years ago at the Arlington County Fair
  • natural born hustler(s) : My three sisters and I at the Arlington County Fair c. 1982 taken by a Washington Post photographer. From
  • Jumping at the Pyramids with Danny Rifkin.
  • I lived in these medieval walls (the house to the right of the last arch) in 2006 in Umbria.
  • My mom makes 18 meatballs in 37 seconds.
  • 3-year old E4 eating my mom's pho.
  • Fiercely huggable dragons by Dagmar Meinders.
  • Organic babies...
  • Strawberry marmalade is displayed in a deliciously imaginative chase scene illustrated by Silvia Osella. Printed on cornflower blue 100% organic cotton with dark blue collar. Made with fair labor.
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Published July 23, 2013
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