Creative Briefs #035: Patrick Fulton

Our hosts interview front-end developer, the organizer of Refresh Pittsburgh, marathoner, and dog owner Patrick Fulton! Recorded on 09/08/2013.

Patrick’s Links

Things We Mentioned

  • Cake
  • Compass is an open-source CSS Authoring Framework.
  • CodePen is an HTML, CSS, and JavaScript code editor right in your browser with instant previews of the code you see and write.
  • Sass makes CSS fun again. Sass is an extension of CSS3, adding nested rules, variables, mixins, selector inheritance, and more. It’s translated to well-formatted, standard CSS using the command line tool or a web-framework plugin.
  • GitHub - Powerful features to make software development more collaborative.
  • Bearded Takes a Break to Breakbot on Vimeo
  • STUBBLE: BEARDED'S FRONT-END STARTER KIT  Stubble is a default set of HTML and CSS that we base every new Bearded project on. It’s our “boilerplate”. We’ve included some of our most-often used markup patterns.
  • Sparkbox is a small but mighty team of smart people working in a renovated space in Dayton, Ohio. We build websites that possess both brains and beauty.
  • Matt Braun is a graphic designer with a keen focus on branding, illustration and the web. He believes that successful design is driven by content and purpose rather than solely by aesthetics, and that passion for work is infectious. Check him out at and
  • Matt Griffin is a designer and founder of Bearded. He's a speaker, writer, and an avid advocate for collaboration in design. Check him out at and
  • Jason Pamental is a web strategist, designer, technologist, speaker, writer, teacher, irrepressibly curious about everything. principal/co-founder. Check him out at and
  • Clown College
  • ▶ World's Youngest Sword Swallower - YouTube
  • Insane Fire Breathing! Huge Balls of Fire! Aries
  • The best of web design in Pittsburgh for one amazing day.
  • Brad Frost is a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, musician, and artist.   Check him out at and
  • G. Jason Head is a web developer, Web Design Day organizer, and heavy metal lover. Check him out at and
  • Val Head is a designer, educator, and organizer of Web Design Day. Check her out here: and
  • The Washington Post. Make The Headlines. Every Day.
  • Whistle-blower accuses EDMC of falsifying records to get taxpayer money
  • The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is a private, for-profit, higher education institute located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States, that emphasizes design education and career preparation for the creative job market. It was founded in 1921.‎
  • At Point Park, Pittsburgh’s only Downtown university, you’ll engage in a more active, more real, more professional education.  Whether you’re looking to get an undergraduate degree in one of our more than 50 majors or one of our 17 graduate degrees to help boost your career, you’ll have professors who teach from their own real-world experience.
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By aigapittsburgh
Published October 22, 2013