Creative Briefs #042: The AP Collection

Our hosts interview the AP Collection podcast mastermind and artist Genevieve Barbee.

AP Collection Links:

Genevieve’s Art & Things We Mentioned:

  • larrytown houses - by Genevieve Barbee
  • the AP Collection is a podcast that chats with Pgh's creative types and helping people learn about the Steel City through its artists.
  • DOOWYLLOH - by Genevieve Barbee
  • the AP Collection interview with artist Danny Devine.
  • Pittsburgh Podcamp
  • Yeti - The Ultimate Professional USB Microphone, The microphone used by the AP Collection and Creative Briefs.
  • A picture from the Walk With Me a collection of image from walk taken by Genevieve Barbee.
  • Genevieve does not want to be a part of a moon colony or explore outer space.
  • Untitled - by Genevieve Barbee
  • Heart not Home (phase 3) -  by Genevieve Barbee
  • Everything is Over - by Genevieve Barbee
  • Jumping Girl / Fat Sally - by Genevieve Barbee
  • the AP Collection episode with painter Cara Livorio (Jerome Charles Photography)
  • Denise Ortega / Summermoon Cafe / Austin Texas - painting by Genevieve Barbee
  • Crying about a Dead Man Won't Change Anything / Maybe Painting About Him Will - by Genevieve Barbee
  • Anqwenique Wingfield - painting by Genevieve Barbee
  • the AP Collection interview with comedian Davon Magwood.
  • Jerome Charles  is a photographer and was part of the entourage Genevieve brought to the interview. Check him out at and
  • the AP Collection episode with Jamie Patten of Allegheny Wine Mixer (photo credit:
  • Beer bottle labels by Genevieve Barbee.
  • CMU School of Drama | Notable Alumni
  • Carnegie Mellon University | CMU
  • Genevieve Barbee is an artist and the mastermind behind the AP Collection podcast. Check her out at: and
  • Check out Kickback Pinball Cafe
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By aigapittsburgh
Published January 15, 2014