Creative Briefs #043: Dan Rugh

Our hosts interview the silk screening, skateboarding, beer loving owner of Commonwealth Press, Dan Rugh. Recorded on 12/11/13.

Dan’s Links:

 Dan’s Work & Things We Mentioned:

  • CWP Fist shirt from CW Press
  • DIY Parking Chair Kit from CW Press
  • i keystone pa sticker from CW Press
  • Commonwealth Press's storefront when it used to be the printing shop.
  • Listen to episode #043 of Creative Briefs with Dan Rugh here:
  • Drum Scanner
  • frank turner poster from when he played in dan rocks basement
  • pin registration
  • poster design and printed for the warhol museum - plastisol on aluminum foil
  • hand registered anti flag poster
  • VONNEGUT•COM -- The Official Website of Kurt Vonnegut
  • The poster Dan designed for a local charity drive called Handmade for the Hollywood. CW Press also printed about half the posters. You can buy them here:
  • The Friendly Neighbor sweatshirt from CW Press
  • Tailgate Hoodie from CW Press
  • Air 'Cutchen Tee from CW Press
  • Pirate Bandana Tee from CW Press
  • Shirt of the Month Club - from CW Press
  • Dan Rugh's, from CW Press, preferred mode of transportation.
  • ALL 5 - greeting cards from CW Press
  • Growlette from CW Press
  • commonwealth press BEER BARGE. CWP BEER BARGE = 3 BANDS, 3 HOURS, 3 RIVERS and more CRAFT BEER than has ever been on any amount of rivers ev...
  • TROIKA Skateboards - gondak board
  • TROIKA Skateboards -  budai board
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By aigapittsburgh
Published January 28, 2014