Creative Briefs #055: Dian Holton

Our hosts interview designer, art director, fashion enthusiast, and a pop culture & style junkie, Dian Holton. Recorded on 5/30/14.

Dian’s Links:

Dian’s Work & Things We Mentioned:

  • 5 years with Banana Republic included selling, meeting with merchants, internal/external training sessions and assisting a Make-A-Wish foundation recipient. So invaluable.
  • Realism portrait of George Lopez by Roberta Parada. #love
  • Billie Jean King in the form of tennis strings. I commissioned the talented artist Erika Simmons for a portrait of the tennis legend. She literally made the portrait out of the strings. Click on the link for the process shots.
  • Commissioned a spoof of the a Presidential Logo for an AARP feature by artist Chris O'Riley.
  • SPD Illustration Award for Aretha Franklin by Pablo
  • Homage to my family members who serve -dad, brother, sister-n-law, cousins, uncles...
  • SHINE team Liz Rose and Chelsae made letterpress coasters that featured their redesigned logos of all the bars they went to during the program. #shinefinale #love
  • I got my DIY on for SHINE 2013. Featured custom name tags that defined mentor and mentee along bags with the handbook in them.
  • My mom likes to get in on SHINE action from afar. Together we worked on Kickoff 2014 chocolate filled pretzel favors.
  • Inspired by Australian Artist: CJ Hendry who has a wicked talent of penning/illustrating objects on large canvases. Google her. #dopeness
  • Love hand lettering. Mary Kate McDevitt
  • Alexander McQueen by Sarah Burton
  • Duro Olowu has the best prints and since that's my thing he's an obvious designer to idolize.
  • Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University
  • Parsons The New School for Design
  • Every lady should have a #DVF wrap dress. Of course for me, they must be long. Featured: an awesome Warhol print.
  • Though this necklace style maybe be called "Carrie" after the lead in Sex in the City, it actually debuted in the 80's. Ideal look: big earrings, headphones, poppin' gum and listening to LL Cool J.
  • I love a good romp(er)! A great staple in my closet.
  • Bohemian is my style and Anthropologie maxi dresses with detail are my favorites. Look at that flora!
  • My signature look- a maxi dress from Anthropologie.
  • AIGA | The Design Continuum Fund
  • GAP Stores - Dian Holton
  • E-books - Dian Holton
  • Art Direction (Misc.) - Dian Holton
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By aigapittsburgh
Published August 12, 2014