Creative Briefs #056: Leah Wiegmann

Our hosts interview with designer, team leader, and and occasional handmade goods maker, Leah Wiegmann. Recorded on 7/13/14.

Leah’s Links:

Leah’s Work & Things We Mentioned:

  • Emily's wedding invitations -Leah Wiegmann
  • 'I don't want a pickle, I just want to ride my motorcycle' poster screenprint Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • 'Sharks will Kill You' poster  2 color screenprint Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • Hippie wedding invitations Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • Jungle Animal Nursery Print set Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • This was the best image I could find of the Werewolf game cards I made back in the day. - Leah Wiegmann
  • This one came out a little better. Leah Wiegmann
  • Painting our 3-season room
  • Save the Date for Emily L Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • My Booth at Pittsburgh Handmade Arcade 2012 Leah Wiegmann Design
  • The Manchester Bridge sculpture
  • Google reveals its next generation ‘Material’ design language — and it looks a lot like Windows and iOS
  • Exploded view drawing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Memorial Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • 4moms Design Team  (Robert Daley, Henry Thorne,  Eli Wiegmann, Sean Beaudette,  Jared Rosenthal, Jessica Butala)
  • The clutch Leah made!
  • What can you do with this brick?
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By aigapittsburgh
Published September 3, 2014