Creative Briefs #056: Leah Wiegmann

Our hosts interview with designer, team leader, and and occasional handmade goods maker, Leah Wiegmann. Recorded on 7/13/14.

Leah’s Links:

Leah’s Work & Things We Mentioned:

  • Emily's wedding invitations -Leah Wiegmann
  • 'I don't want a pickle, I just want to ride my motorcycle' poster screenprint Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • 'Sharks will Kill You' poster  2 color screenprint Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • Hippie wedding invitations Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • Jungle Animal Nursery Print set Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • This was the best image I could find of the Werewolf game cards I made back in the day. - Leah Wiegmann
  • This one came out a little better. Leah Wiegmann
  • Painting our 3-season room
  • Save the Date for Emily L Designed by Leah Wiegmann
  • My Booth at Pittsburgh Handmade Arcade 2012 Leah Wiegmann Design
  • Rick Sebak makes unusual television programs. His slightly wacky documentaries celebrate various aspects of modern American life and the unexpected charms of Pittsburgh. Audiences have learned to recognize his friendly narrative style and the unusual topics that he obviously loves.
  • The Manchester Bridge sculpture
  • Google reveals its next generation ‘Material’ design language — and it looks a lot like Windows and iOS
  • Exploded view drawing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • Labor Day
  • Memorial Day - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
  • How to Play Mafia: An In-Depth Guide to the Perfect Holiday Game
  • Handmade Arcade, Pittsburgh’s first and largest independent craft fair.
  • 4moms Design Team  (Robert Daley, Henry Thorne,  Eli Wiegmann, Sean Beaudette,  Jared Rosenthal, Jessica Butala)
  • The clutch Leah made!
  • What is the difference in a screened porch, a 3-season room and a sunroom?
  • The Enhanced Fujita scale (EF-Scale) rates the strength of tornadoes in the United States and Canada based on the damage they cause.
  • What can you do with this brick?
  • 4moms | rockaRoo™ -
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By aigapittsburgh
Published September 3, 2014