Typography Workshop by Yomar Augusto

1. Introduction:
2. Aspects:
3. Goals & Aspirations:
4. Conclusion:

1. Experimental Typography and Calligraphy workshops are a compressed process to illustrate how hand made approaches can influence creative agencies who heavily depended on the digital evolution/revolution on the web. Creatives research, conceptualize and interact with ideas only using the web as their main input source, creating an excessive amount of the "something". The end result is often flat because of the heavy influence of the computers.

2. Each participant is immersed in calligraphy and its production, creating roman and cursive alphabets using brushes, wooden sticks and other various tools. The objective of this excursive is to instill in each participant the value of a custom made one of a kind type illustration, while respecting the participants personal hand style. After this excursive has been completed words and shapes will be moved into the digital realm.

3. The workshop aims to give the confidence and ability for participants to produce letters by hand. Ultimately to improve upon their concentration and customization of creative ideas.

4. The aim of this workshop is not to deny computer technology or the web revolution nor neglect is usefulness. Rather to stress that they are merely tools in a box to be used and that the true creative power comes from within. By blending these two philosophies together, of hand crafted practices and the digital revolution, we hope to promote and enlarge the creative possibilities through deeper research.

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