AIGA Pittsburgh is continuing to work on our policies, programming, and all of the ways we serve our community. In order to reach the important, valuable goals we’re aiming for, we need to expand our team of volunteers. We invite you to apply to any position that interests you on the Board of Directors, within topic-focused committees, or as a general volunteer. As you read the open role descriptions, keep in mind that you will have the opportunity to shape how you serve the local design community. We welcome new ideas and want to explore new ways of moving our city forward. We hope you will join our team!

A Director commits to serving on the board and fulfilling the responsibilities of their role for a minimum of two years. They are expected to attend monthly, 2-hour meetings and they are able to vote on all proposals and decisions that are presented to the board. 

Committee members fall under a Director’s leadership. They join regularly scheduled committee meetings (schedule and cadence determined by each committee). They are invited to monthly board meetings, but are not required to attend. 

Outside of board and committee meetings, most communication occurs in Slack.